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Everything, Everything
it was amazing
Whimsical, fun, and incredibly poignant all rolled into one.
In a Dark, Dark Wood
really liked it
What a good read! The setting was creepy and enthralling, and I enjoyed the pacing and flow of the story. I backtracked to this one after adoring THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10, and I admit it’s hard not to draw comparisons between the two. I fou…
Swing Time
really liked it
This was my first Zadie Smith novel, and although I’ve heard it’s not the best place in her body of work to start, I liked it a lot. True to reputation, Smith’s prose sparkles, illuminated by layers and layers of ways to think about the …
My Not So Perfect Life
really liked it
As she is for so many readers, Sophie Kinsella remains one of my go-to authors for a feel-good, make-me-smile read. And in that spirit, this one completely hit the mark! I loved that the story was a little different from the rom-coms she…
Firefly Lane
really liked it
Heartfelt and emotional. The story arc didn’t hold a lot of surprises, but I enjoyed the writing, the look across the decades, and the exploration of choices women must make.
Are You Sleeping
it was amazing
This book is soooo good. And the title is completely appropriate, given it’s a propulsive read that kept me up late two nights in a row. Josie is an engaging protagonist, complex and flawed. I especially loved the way Kathleen Barber wov…
One Perfect Lie
really liked it
For me, this book could almost be divided into two distinct sagas. The first half was chilling and unexpected, psychologically fascinating. Then there was an abrupt turn slightly before the halfway mark, and it shifted into more of a sol…
Between the World and Me
it was amazing
Absolutely everyone should read this book.
The Wild Woman's Guide to Traveling the World
it was amazing
This book is warm, sharp, and a ton of fun. Rich descriptions of the sights and smells of Hong Kong, Macau, and New York City made me feel like I was traveling the world right along with the narrator. And Sophie’s questions about pursuin…
Dark Matter
it was amazing
This book. Wow. I barely know what to say except READ IT. Your brain will fire on all cylinders, trying to figure it out, while your heart is swept up in a moving and complex story about love and the deeply personal dreams we have for ou…
The Woman in Cabin 10
it was amazing
Scary with a setting that alternates between beautiful and (perfectly) oppressive. I charged through the second half, unable to put it down.
One True Loves
really liked it
Emotionally engaging from the get-go, the story is so relatable…even though it’s not. What I mean is, while having a fiance and back-from-the-dead spouse may not be familiar territory to most of us, the core message really resonated–t…
It Ends with Us
really liked it
This book approached a difficult subject with honesty and vulnerability.
Hidden Bodies
really liked it
Dark and perfectly insane satire!

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